Finding Dory Coin Set 2016

Niue · Island country in the South Pacific Ocean · Disney·Pixar Finding Dory · Elisabeth II · 1oz silver coins Niue · Inselstaat im Südpazifik · Disney·Pixar Finding Dory· Silber Farbmünzen 2$ · 1 oz 999 Fine Silver · Mintage: 30000 · Coin Diameter: 40mm New Zealand Mint has released this fabulous Finding Dory Coin Set featuring the Disney•Pixar movie’s key characters: Hank, Destiny, Bailey, Marlin, Nemo and, of course, Dory herself. Each of the 5 x 1oz silver coins combines colour against a relief engraved background. Dory & Marlin 2016 Disney Pixar Finding Dory Coin Set Niue Elisabeth II 1oz silver coin Dory is a bright blue tang with a sunny personality. She suffers from short-term memory loss, which normally doesn’t upset her upbeat attitude – until she realizes she’s forgotten something big: her family. She’s found a new family in Marlin and Nemo, but she’s haunted by the belief […]

Niue Marine Life Protection Color Coin

Niue · Island country in the South Pacific Ocean · Marine Life Protection · Elisabeth II · 1 Dollar Color Coin Niue · Inselstaat im Südpazifik · Schutz der Meeresfauna · Farbmünze 1$ CuNi Coin · Mintage: 5000 2$ Silver 999 Fine Silver · Mintage: 3000 Niue 2000 · 1 Dollar · Marine-Life Protection · Elisabeth II · Color Coin Niue 2000 · Blue And Yellow Fish · Blaugelbe Herzogfische (Zwergkaiserfisch) · Centropyge bicolor · Oriole angelfish · Bicolor angelfish Niue 2017 · Humpback Whale · 2 Dollars · Elisabeth II · 999 Silver · Mintage: 3,000 The Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin features in this exciting collection which celebrates one of nature’s most impressive wonders, when populations of animals start their great annual migration, covering vast distances in search for food, mating partners or shelter. The coin reverse shows an engraved illustration of a pod of Humpback […]