Marine-Life Protection Color Coins

The Palau commemorative series “Marine Life Protection” is one of the longest running color coin series in the world. With the first coin issued in 1992 (“Year Of Marine Life Protection”) the series has seen over 50 releases to date featuring tropical marine creatures and exotic mermaid and neptune designs that changed each year. I have been collecting this coins from 1992 until the year 2009… As the Marine Life Protection series of Palau was so successful from the start, soon other countries have issued “Marine Life Protection” color coins to protect the marine fauna. These coins are almost as popular for collectors as the Palau coins and they are almost as beautifully processed (and sometimes easier to get) than the Palau Marine Life coins. As I know, the following countries have issued “Marine Life Protection” color coins: Liberia (1996), Gambia (1997), Ghana (1997), Somali (1998), Namibia (1998), Malta (1999), Congo […]